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Resource Center


Medicare Guide

This guide will help you understand the Medicare guidelines related to home medical equipment. Most health insurance plans have similar rules to Medicare, but you should know that they will all vary.

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HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

See Northern Pharmacy and Medical Equipment's full Notice of Privacy Practices by clicking on the link, Notice of Privacy Practices.


Health Issues

Information including risks, tips, explanations, prevention tips for patients and caregivers, and some of the most common health issues.

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Medical Glossary

A resource list of common terminology used regarding health issues and medical equipment.

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Medical Web Sites

The Internet is a great source of information for you to use in managing your healthcare or the healthcare of a loved one. It can also be good way to locate the support resources you need as a patient or caregiver.

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Notice of Nondiscrimination

See Northern Pharmacy and Medical Equipment's full Notice of Nondiscrimination by clicking on the link, NOTICE OF NONDISCRIMINATION.


Language Assistance

Don't speak English, check out the attached resource list of languages that Northern can provide an interrupter for, LANGUAGE ASSISTANCE.


Diabetes Resources

Are you Diabetic? Check out these Diabetes Resources that could help you. READ MORE.