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Our Family

Dr. Martin B. Mintz, RPH



Pepper K. Mintz



Mindy Mintz Lipowitz, RPH

Vice President of Retail Pharmacy Services


Marc E. Mintz

Director of International Services


Susan Franklin


[email protected]

(410) 254-2055 x398


Kelly Meier

Medical Equipment Operations Manager

[email protected]

(410) 254-2055 x261


Tina Sheeler

Company Coordinator

[email protected]

(410) 254-2055 x259


Shannon Lange 

Pharmacy Manager

[email protected]

(410) 254-2055 x229


Chelsea Coke

Retail Pharmacy Manager

[email protected]

(410) 254-2055 x222


Chrissy Butcher

Pharmacy Billing Manager

[email protected]

(410) 254-2055 x232


Northern Pharmacy Compounding Lab

[email protected]

(410) 254-5641 

Toll Free 855-268-4301


Cory Lauer

Account Executive Compounding Lab

 [email protected]

Cell: (410) 960-8094


Alyssa Albinak

Director of Specialty Pharmacy

[email protected]

(443) 909-7899


Kristi Sanders

Medical Equipment and Supply Billing Manager

[email protected]

(410) 254-2055 x402