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Durable Medical Equipment, Services & Supplies

Orthopedic compression fitting in Baltimore, MDCustom Orthopedic Fittings

Northern Pharmacy & Medical Equipment has a full-time staff of male and female Orthopedic Fitters to serve you. Our Fitters are certified to fit compression stockings, diabetic shoes, mastectomy prostheses, and a wide variety of orthopedic braces.

Our Fitters are here Monday thru Friday 9am - 4:30pm. Contact us to make an appointment.

Ostomy and Wound Care

Northern Pharmacy & Medical Equipment has in-house experts in ostomy and wound care supplies. Talk to our experts when you have questions or concerns about the best way to care for ostomy or post-surgery wounds.

See the Ostomy and Wound Care experts at Northern Pharmacy and Medical Equipment for:

Short and Long Term Medical Equipment Rental

Many of our customers only require durable medical equipment for a short period of time as they recover from surgery or injury or for traveling and traveling visitors.  Northern Pharmacy & Medical Equipment offers short and long term rentals on many of our most popular items including wheelchairs, hospital beds, nebulizers, breast pumps and knee walkers.
Click here to see our current list of rental durable medical equipment and rental prices.

Medical Supplies

Northern Pharmacy & Medical Equipment offers easy reordering of the supplies you need the most. Talk to one of our team members about setting up easy medical equipment reordering.

Call or email our Medical Supply Reorder Department today. [email protected]