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Medical Equipment Repair

Durable Medical Equipment Repair

Even the best medical equipment can break from accidents or just everyday use. When that happens, contact the experts at Northern Pharmacy & Medical Equipment to get your equipment back up and running fast! Ask about delivery and set up. Please contact us at (410) 254-2056 today about all your Medical Equipment Repairs!


When calling about a Medical Equipment repair please have the following information available: 

 -Type of Equipment:
 -Manufacturer (Brand):
 -Model #:
 -Date of original purchase:
 -Who Paid for it? (Patient/Self-pay? Insurance? which insurance?):
 -Where was it purchased?
 -Describe the Damage/Symptoms/Problems:
 -When did the symptoms begin?
 -Damage/Symptoms/Problems related to a specific incident?: If yes, describe incident and date it occurred: