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Compounding Pharmacy Services:

Compounding Pharmacy Services in Baltimore, MD

Northern Pharmacy is a leading provider of specialized compounded services.  We are committed to providing the personalized pharmaceutical solutions that patients and healthcare professionals expect.

Drug compounding is the process of combining, mixing, or altering ingredients to create medications tailored to the needs of an individual patient based on a prescription written by a Physician. Our expertly trained Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians can personalize medicine for your Patients and provide counseling as needed. 



  • - Urology
  • - Men's sexual health & erectile dysfunction
  • - Anti-aging/BHRT
  • - Urogynecology & pelvic pain
  • - Women's sexual health
  • - Gynecology & obstetrics
  • - Orthopedic pain management
  • - Dermatology
  • - Pediatrics
  • - Podiatry
  • - Proctology
  • - Veterinary

What we compound

Capsules are commonly compounded in cases where alternate strengths are required or in an effort to avoid potential irritants or allergens such as gluten, dyes, and preservatives.
Sterile Injectables are sterile compounded medications that are administered using a needle and syringe; typically to treat ED.

 Sublingual Troches & Lollipops are a type of lozenge that may be placed in the mouth or under the tongue until dissolved. This allows the medication to enter the bloodstream quickly and easily.

 Suppositories are a solid molded medication that is inserted rectally or vaginally. The medication is delivered once the suppository dissolves inside the body.
 Suspensions are the liquid form of a medication. A suspension should always be shaken/stirred to be certain you receive the correct/ same dose each time.  Topical gels, creams & ointments are medications applied onto the skin or mucous membrane. This offers another delivery method of drug absorption. A benefit to using a topical medication is that it can provide treatment locally.